March 15 to 17, 2019 | Place des Congrès de Gatineau | Friday : 12 pm to 9 pm | Saturday : 10 am to 5 pm | Sunday : 10 am to 5 pm

The event #1 in Quebec to introduce its products and services to the triathletes!

Why Exhibit?


The ideal place in Quebec to launch new products and services for triathletes of the Quebec
A unique opportunity to generate sales more quickly early in the season
An opportunity to develop your contacts and distribution network
A special contact with triathletes to better understand and meet their needs
Contests on the Internet and at the show to increase your visibility
A great way to stay ahead of the competition

Promotional Campaign

A huge promotional campaign whose focus will be to attract thousands of enthusiasts and consumers will be held across Quebec weeks before the Show’s opening:

Gatineau-Ottawa Triathlon Show Web site
Exhibitors’ Web site
Advertisement on TV
Advertisement in newspapers and specialized magazines
Advertisement on radio with prized tickets
Electronic and postal mailings to all bike retailer
Electronic and postal mailings to all cycling gear wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers
Electronic and postal mailings to all cycling clubs and associations in Quebec with invitation to their members
Electronic and postal mailings to all petitioned organizations
Electronic and postal mailings to other targeted names
Electronic and postal mailings to businesses
Affichage aux places d’affaires des exposants et dans les commerces
Annonces sur les principaux portails et forums Internet consacrés au cyclisme et cyclotourisme
Entrevues et reportages à la télévision, à la radio et dans les journaux
Campagne de visibilité en collaboration avec les partenaires et les commanditaires du Salon

Exhibitors Profile

Businesses and organizations invited to be exhibitors at Gatineau-Ottawa Triathlon Show are:

Cycle Manufacturers / Distributors
Manufacturers / Distributors of clothing for triathletes
Manufacturers / Distributors of equipment, parts, accessories and tools
Bicycle Specialty Retailers
Publications and journals
Travel agencies and cycling promotional agencies in Quebec and around the world
Public Safety Services (eg Police)
Utilities Services (eg SAAQ)
Common carriers with specific services for cyclists (eg buses, taxis, trains, planes, ferries, etc.)
Tourist establishments offering packages for cyclists
Schools of education and training
Clubs and associations of triathletes
Federal, provincial and municipal
Regional Tourism Associations
Societies of federal parks, state and local
Promoters of activities and triathletes competitions
Manufacturers and distributors of supplements, products and energy drinks
Organizations for promoting physical activity, safety and health